It May Be Time For A Tax Resolution Pro

If you are having problems with your income taxes, a reputable tax resolution attorney can provide a wide range of important services. If you find yourself owing a large tax bill, it may be beneficial to bring in an expert early in the process to protect your rights, and chart the course for resolution.

The stress of a looming tax bill is magnified by liens, levies, threatening letters and stiff penalties. Owing back taxes is a serious matter, but it is probably not the end of the world. In fact, numerous IRS programs offer relief and provide for a resolution or alleviation of the tax problem. A solid, experienced tax expert can help you manage and possibly eliminate the tax problem

The tax laws allow you to timely appeal erroneous or unreasonable IRS decisions. Our IRS experts will make sure that your appeals are properly filed and have the best chance for success. When you hire the right tax professional, you may be able to reduce the amount of taxes that you owe

Was your spouse or former spouse solely responsible for the income tax debt without your knowledge or involvement? In some cases, you may qualify for the "innocent spouse" defense. If you can prove you had no previous knowledge of what has been done, you could avoid the tax liability caused solely by your spouse.

Can't pay the tax bill? Our attorneys will explain how an offer in compromise can reduce the debt. Can't pay the balance if full right now? The IRS may allow an affordable payment plan to pay the tax debt over time. As long as you make the predetermined payments, you will not have to worry about the government coming after you. The IRS can also defer payments based on a financial hardship until you get back on your feet.

Perhaps you are facing an IRS audit, and have no idea what to expect. Our professionals will explain exactly how audits work and remove the mystery from the process. Our trained attorneys can accompany you, or appear on your behalf at the audit and provide expert legal representation. You will know your rights, and be protected throughout the process.

Maybe you are delinquent in your tax payments or some of your tax returns have not been filed, or filed incorrectly. We know exactly how to expedite a resolution of your tax problems and protect you from liens, levies, unreasonable penalties and wage garnishments.